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 Battery Booster - Fast Charging & Battery Health 1.8

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MU battery booster is fast battery charging android application. It boost up battery charging speed by 60% than normal charging so you may call it Charging booster too. It optimize battery charging speed by conducting internal optimization without affecting battery health and battery life. You can call fast charging application too.

You can get lots of battery booster application in store but this particular app has various unique features which lack in others and one of that feature is that it automatically open when you plug in device to charger. It optimize battery speed by removing unwanted service running in device OS.
MU battery booster application helps to maintain good condition(health) of battery so in other word you may call it Battery Saver too. Due to long service running in our devices condition of battery degrades which can be control by enabling fast charging mode.

Fast Charging application has following features:
Display battery status
Display battery level
Display battery health status
Display battery technology
Display battery temperature
Display battery voltage
Display battery uses log
Automatically open fast charging application when you connect to charger
Fast charging application auto ringing with vibration when battery fully charged

How Fast Charging application works ?

When you plug in device to charger fast charging application automatically open and start charging your device faster but before starting this you have to give certain permission
Close location status which save battery
Close background running services such as background running application
Close wifi
Minimize Brightness
Enable battery saver

How to maintain battery health ?
Fast charger application starts ringing when your phone gets overheated, dead and overcharged so you can call it Battery Saver.
Full Battery Charge Alarm
Many people overcharge phone which cause harm in electricity and big harm to battery to stop this , Fast Battery charge application ring alarm when battery is fully charged. This keep battery in good health condition always. It alarm in silent mode , vibrate in silent mode and show notification too.

MU Battery Booster- Fast Charging application is ads free application and it is free worldwide.
Please send me feedback about MU Battery charge booster at
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