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Battery doctor charging 2018 (battery repair) is a FREE app that extends the battery life of your phone or tablet by up to 50%! Smart Battery Management charging , One Touch Controls and Features draining From healthy load to diff. Levels, Battery doctor charging (repair battery 2018) solves cargar bateria the problem. Gives a longer life to your Android phone, provides you with charging draining detailed information about the battery and allows you to charge healthily cargar bateria through our unique 3-step charging system. More users charging around the world cargar bateria have adopted Battery doctor (repair battery 2018 ).
☆ Intelligent draining charging
Battery Doctor will help you optimize the loading process.
Many charging modes: Battery Doctor gives 2 modes, including Super Saver mode and Sleep mode. You can choose a mode or custom to optimize the loading of your Android device.
☆ Save battery power
Is a FREE battery saving draining application that makes your battery longer and can help you get up to 50% more battery life for charging your Android phone!
Battery doctor is the easiest solution to ensure optimal functioning of your Android phone, but also to avoid inefficient charging recharges, unwanted power consumption by some applications, draining and disruption of device settings Reduce charging the battery life 2018.
Highlights of Battery doctor 2018 (repair battery):
✔ Fast battery saver:
Convenient battery economy - with the "OPTIMIZER" home screen widget, stop power-hungry background apps with one click and increase the life of your battery.
✔ Simple Battery Saver:
Predefined Intelligent Modes - select the mode that best suits your conso. Energy, personalize it to find the draining cargar bateria right balance between cargar bateria performance and bat life. Thanks to our battery saver.
✔ Effective battery saver:
Sound loading manager - follows and draining implements charging practices at different levels for optimal performance charging cargar bateria of your battery.
Accurate state - its intelligent charging technology tells you the exact time remaining charge and provides charging you with cargar bateria a detailed analysis of your hardware and your Android apps.
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