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Is the phone run out of battery quickly? What is the phone dies still at the crucial moment? This application extends many extra hours battery life by managing the Internet intelligently and in the background.

Battery Saver can extend the life of your battery power.
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Battery Saver Power Charger is a FREE application that allows you to extend the life of the battery of your phone or your Android Tablet up to 60%! intelligent management battery, controls in a pressure and healthy support to different features. levels, Battery Saver solves the problem. gives a longer life to your Android phone, provides you with detailed information about the battery and you can charge healthy thanks to our unique 3-stage charging system.
Fast Charger fast charging mode lets your Smart-Device battery charged in less than 20-40%. of time as compared with the normal charge timings.
1 manages auto connection 3 G / 4 G wireless in the background
2 displays the battery level and use in the status bar
3. effective and easy to use
When you connect your charger, the electricity comes in to the battery. At the same time electricity goes out from them as the phone consumes. Battery Charger reduces the amount of electricity that goes out from them and therefore it reduces charging time.
Fast Battery Charger does sundry tasks to reduce the battery consumption of your contrivance during the charging time. It ceases unwanted background process to reduce the CPU load. It stops network tasks to reduce the battery consumption. Battery Charger also changes display setting to reduce battery consumption.
Fast Battery Charger Features :
- Nice and User-friendly UI.
- Shows the capacity in the app.
- Automatically activates fast charging mode.
- Automatically turn off wifi, 3G.
- Automatically turn off blutooth

? fast battery saver:

Convenient battery economy - through the home screen widget 'OPTIMIZE', click Stop greedy background applications in energy and extend the life of your battery.

? simple battery saver:

Predefined intelligent modes - select the mode that suits the + to your consumer. energy, customize it to find the right balance between performance and battery life. Thanks to our battery saver.

? effective battery saver:

Healthy load handler - follows and implements the practices at different levels for optimal performance of your battery.

Accurate state - its technology smart shows you the exact time of charge remaining and provides you with a detailed analysis of your hardware and your Android applications.

Main features

-Esteem with precision the remaining range
-Widget which improves the performance of the battery through a custom user interface
-Indicates the amount of battery that will be extended if you disconnect the WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.
-Optimization of the battery with a single click
-Smart battery economy
-Maintenance of the battery to keep the process secure loading and healthy

You don't need to manually turn on/off the Internet connection. This application extends the life of the battery using an intelligent algorithm to toggle the Internet connection, to reduce the battery consumption and the use of the data, but still keeping the importance of the synchronized database.

? Cooler for phone: the cooling feature regulates the temperature of your phone and protects your equipment by controlling, managing and disabling applications that use construction in a systematic way. the processor.

? STATE SPECIFIC: know exactly what battery you have with a detailed analysis of your applications and your Android hardware.

? MODES BUILT-IN SMART: choose or customize a mode that is best for the State of charge of your battery.

our application extends your battery time, Now you can have a quick meal and have your device fully charged when you’re done.
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