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What is this?

That's a battery warner, that warns you, when your battery reaches X% on charging or Y% on discharging.

Why should i need that??

Lithium-ion batteries have a longer life, if you pay attention to the following things:
- Don't let the battery too long at 100% on the charger
- Don't discharge it completely
- For the longest life, you need to load "flat"
--> That means, that you charge e.g. between 20-80% instead of 0-100%

And to help you with that, i developed that app:
- It warns you when charging and reaching X% to help you to load "flat"
- And when you discharged to Y%

Another point is, that you save time, because batteries load slower at 80+%!

Other Features you can use without root:
- Creation of a charging graph, so that you see how you have charged and how warm
the battery got.
- History of past chargings and auto saving of the charging graphs
- An battery information notification with the current state of the battery
- A dark theme -> optionally also for the info notification!
- You are able to toggle the battery warnings for each charging method (ac charging,
usb charging, wireless charging) separately.

Other features where you need root for:
- Stop charging automatically, so you don't need to be in the near of your device to hear
the battery warning.
-> That does not work with every device! I have to optimize the app for some devices!
- Smart Charging - controls the charging for longer charging sessions (for example over
night) to make the battery have a longer life.
-> For that "stop charging" needs to work on your device!
- Disable USB charging
-> This prevents charging when plugged in via USB.
-> This also needs "stop charging" to work for your device!
- Resetting the android internal battery stats when the battery high warning triggers.
- Enabling the power saving mode when the battery low warning triggers.

This library helped me with the intro:
Here you can find the library for the graph (GraphView):
You can find the sources right here:
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