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BeatPrompter is a teleprompter/autocue app for song lyrics and/or chords which places a greater emphasis on visibility, timing and rhythm than other similar apps. By defining such things as beats-per-minute, beats-per-bar, bars-per-line, etc, you can have a greater control over the display, and by knowing that the onscreen text will definitely be in the right place at the right time, BeatPrompter can display each line of the song in as large a font as possible, making it more readable from a greater distance, or for users with imperfect vision. Great for players of guitar, keyboard, mandolin, banjo, whatever, or even just vocalists.

Check out a video of BeatPrompter in action here:

DEMO VERSION! This will only read the first 15 lines of any song files, and MIDI clock sync functionality is disabled. You can buy the full version from within the demo.

BeatPrompter uses the popular ChordPro file format, with a few custom {tags} to control app-specific functionality. It reads song files from the (free) Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage services, so you must store your files in either of these to make use of BeatPrompter.

BeatPrompter can output custom MIDI messages at precisely-timed moments to control any external devices you have attached, as well as outputting MIDI clock signals to synchronize external devices, such as looper pedals and drum machines. It can also optionally play backing tracks along with each song, and you can define multiple backing tracks for each song and choose which to play.
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