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The house is one type of building that is used as a residence that has a function as a refuge of various things that can threaten the safety of the soul. But over time the house not only serves as a place to live alone also functions as a land business, investor other needs that refers to the satisfaction of aesthetics (art) therefore emerged the designs of the house with a beautiful or unique form.

For most people the interior of the house is the main concern so they are busy to collect and arrange the interior of the house to look attractive once a person enters his house.
The Advantages of Having a Beautiful Home Yard Design
For some people the home yard becomes part of the house that is not so important that they finally ignore and not take care of their home yard, when in fact we will gain many benefits if we are able to design the home yard correctly. Here are some advantages that will be obtained from designing a beautiful home yard and beautiful
1. Healthier environment, by creating a green home yard atmospherein addition to refresh the eye also makes the environment more healthy by absorbing pollution around the house as well as produce the oxygen needed by the body.
2. Beautify the home environment, not only able to nourish the body for those of you who can design a home yard in accordance with the concept of the house will be a complement and beautify the concept of the house.
3. As a stress reliever, home yard is also able to release fatigue, stress or feeling saturated when coming home from work. With the atmosphere of the home yard is beautiful and fresh indirectly will eliminate fatigue and saturation so suitable for use as a place to relax.
4. Playground, in addition to a place to relax, the home yard can also be used as a playground for children who are safe and comfortable.
5. Drynase area, rainwater catchment area besides functioning to prevent flooding of rainwater absorption area also helps to increase ground water source

Minimalist Home Yard Design Tips
1. The first thing to do in designing the yard that is align with the concept of building a house
2. Note also the width of the home yard, for a house that has a large yard then initak become a problem means but for someone who has a minimalist yard they need to do the setup smart
3. Selection of plants also affect the beauty of the home yard, choose plants that vary and not dangerous, especially for children such as cactus
4. Complementary, you can beautify the home yard design with swings, small fish ponds, fountains, garden lights, stones Nature or something else that can beautify the atmosphere of the garden you have.

Hopefully with the article tips to design home yard can be useful and become a reference for you all.
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