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 Beautiful Styrofoam Easter Critters Napkin Rings 7.1

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Kids will happily 'hop to it' when you invite them to create these cute holiday decorations. A great motivator when you need help setting the table.

Completion time – 1 hour per set


Balls, one each per napkin ring: 1-1/2"; 1"

Other Materials
Acrylic paints: yellow; white; pink
Felt scraps: yellow; orange; white
Craft feathers: yellow; white
Pink mini pom pom, 1/8"
Pink satin ribbon, 1/8"
Black half-round eye beads, 8mm, two per napkin ri
Pink powdered blush (optional)
Cardboard paper towel tube
Serrated plastic knife or serrated kitchen knife
and candle stub or paraffin
Wooden skewers
Small flat paintbrush
Disposable palette
Water basin
Paper towels
Iron and ironing board
Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks
Thick, white craft glue

(NOTE: Adults only should handle knives, and this project
requires adult supervision.)

1. Cut cardboard tube into 1-1/2"-wide rings.

2. Wax serrated knife with candle stub or paraffin. Cut
small slice from bottom of each 1-1/2" foam ball so head will
rest flat; glue head to top of cardboard ring.

3. Paint head/ring white (bunny, duck) or yellow (chick).
Place skewer on table edge and weight one end with heavy book
or similar item. Hang ring from skewer to dry.

4. Cut each 1" foam ball in half for feet; flat edge will
rest on table. For bunny, use skewer to press indentations
into edge of each paw to resemble toes; paint paws white and
let dry. Glue feet to bottom of ring.

5. For duck and chick, cut tiny wedges from feet to separate
"toes"; paint feet orange and let dry. Note: To make painting
small foam pieces easier, hold pieces on skewer while
painting; place skewer in heavy glass or jar to dry. Glue feet
to bottom of rings.

6. Cut 1" x 2 1/2" rectangle from felt and round corners to
make bunny ears. Use serrated knife to make small slits in
top of bunny head for ears; glue ears into slits, using knife
to push felt into foam. Glue pom pom nose to face.

7. For duck and chick, firmly fold beaks in half and press
with warm iron. Glue beaks to faces. Note: Adult might want to
do cutting and pressing ahead of time.

8. Glue tiny feather wings to duck and chick; glue feather to
top of chick's head, pushing feather end in with skewer tip to secure.

9. Use fingertip to blush cheeks and bunny ears, if desired.
Cut 6" length from pink ribbon for each character and tie around neck.

the creativity is endless. so enjoy your own favorite guys!

for further information and detail tutorial, download this application now and you will have what you want.
please enjoy this tutorial and give us any feedback.
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