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For the big fans of super boy transformer aliens hero . the powerful boy can transform to a lot of aliens that have a big power of killing the enemies and help other people . So that why the game is just for your because you're going to help that hero to transform to aliens a do a wonderful journey together inside the dangerous worlds . in the junlge world
where a lot of enemies and monsters existe . there are trying to kill the super ben10 hero and stop him finish his journey .
So all you have to do is to help that boy to kill jump , and race with highly speed and try to avoid a lot of obstacle . try to kill the enemies if you can using one of the tools that you have . You can collect more coins to buy the hammer and swords like clash of jungle .
also you can collect more coins to buy clothes for you friend hero and other stickers if possible . Try to collect as mush as you can and do you best to kill the enemies by using the power ups too . and ty to use all the power and the transformers aliens as mush as
you can .
there are ten of heros there try to be the leader one between your friends and do the best that you can .the game is so full of new experiences . there so many worlds to try and too many levels and also to many aliens to play with .everyone of the aliens have
his power and technics just try to be smart and use them for the best way that you can . It's really so cool experience like the super monkey legend . it's like Humungousaur game for free . you have just to download the game and play every level and collect more coins
and be the one omni there like the powerful ultimate .

how to play the clash of heartblast ::

- try to buy more characters to try there power and unlock every level .
- share the game with your friends and play together to make the adventure more challenger .
- Choose the fisrt character because it's free . then choose the bets world that you love and start to try and play the game .
- after collecting more coins you can try to use the powerups and buy swords and hammers for your alien .

Do you know favaourist hero for this year ?
This is humansaur .
This game made about human
The best game of alien wars, you are fans hard alien human power of the ten protector ?
lets play use transforming fire alien for the first time, and defeat all player with your fire and your new power.
This is game very easy to play and fun, you must defeal all enemies on too many levels and too manny worlds gameplay.
Transfrom with the new omni to alien human in galaxy.
you can beat final stage from buying some potion and power.
super Power Fight Alien Rescue is an fighting game in an awesome environment!
the enemy is not like 1 alien but it is from alien galaxy, there are ultimate monster alien, robot, golem, bat, and fly enemy.
user your weapon and power to defeat all level using human transform omnitrix alien benten transform.
lets help human power alien and be come stronger alien in planet


- So much scenes: jungle, desert, volcano, south pol world, super world
- Addictive game-play
- Amazing graphics
- Addictive gameplay .
- Challenging level design .
- Fun for all ages
- amazing world . with monsters.
- super world Beautiful graphics .
- a lot of levels to play.
- Beautiful graphics and control
- Many challenging levels contested .
- Try to get highscore
Download now and enjoy the game.
I hop you enjoy the game don't hesitate to shareit and rate us if you like the game !
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