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Best Fast Charging 5x Free app is the best super fast battery charger and saver speed improvement application for smart phone. A cellphone without power is akin to a dead person who cannot breathe. Just as we take our breathing for granted, we take the battery of our phones for granted, fast charging it at regular intervals. However, we realize the importance of the battery saver only when we need to make an important call and realize our phones are as good as dead. We are lucky that we are generally near a charging point- a wall socket or a computer device. Even if we aren’t, a portable fast charge is generally the most sought after accessory with the phone.

Charging the battery of your phone has never been so easier. Most of us purchase the phone by looking at the features it offers us- from the hardware to the software, but one thing is grossly under looked- the battery life of the phone-the most important feature of the phone. If the Battery saver and fast Charger doesn't even last for a day then either you are an extremely heavy user or your phone has unfortunately very low batteries life. If you find that your cellphone is not up to the mark as per the super fast battery charge use, don't worry, help is on your way.

Introducing SupoCharge Double Battery Life, an android fast charging 5x to 10x app that lets you conserve the precious power saver and fast battery chargers on your phone.

You can now be assured that your phone is ultra batteries charging efficiently through ultra fast battery charger. fast charging 5x to 10x have been designed especially for general android phones, used by all hence it is free for use for all.

This battery booster application monitors all the apps which use more power saver than necessary and reports back the apps which are running in the background, consuming precious ultra power. It notifies you of the apps which consume more power and lets you shut it down from your phone.

This includes packet internet data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, all of which are heavy power saver drainers. From the apps we have social networking sites and apps which depend on the internet, which consumes a lot of resources.

Never the less, you can then either shut down these rapid charger app or services or temporary suspend its operations, depending upon your requirements. You also have super batteries clean up tools which you can use whenever you feel there is any problem with the battery booster.

Moreover, the app also automatically starts ultra saving energy as and when you put it for charging and fast charge, displaying details of the same as long as the phone is kept super fast charging.

The features of Best Fast Charging 5x Free app are as follows

• Easy to use - The app is intuitive and made easy to use, where all age groups of people can use it without any difficulty
• Displays notifications- As and when the power is being drained by processes or apps, the Fast battery chargers notifies you of the same through a notification on the homepage.
• All technical details are shown - the battery health, battery voltage and battery technology in fast charger.
• Through simple charts you can know where the batteries is being used the most- which process or service uses the most energy.
• Fast battery rapid charger has been designed beautifully to make it easier for everybody to use and not look boring to people using the super SupoCharge app.
• This battery booster does not ‘overrule’ the cellphone- it does not dominate over the ‘cellphone’.
• Quick fast battery charging gives fully customization to turn on location, aeroplane mode and mobile data

This app works on all phones. In case you have any queries, feel free to contact us on
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