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Bike Mileage Android app enables you to keep track of your Bike fuel costs, maintenance costs and also reminds you of services. It is a must app for persons who go to office daily on bike and want to keep track of their expenses and reminds him/her of bike maintenance and Insurance expiry or pollution expiry.
The app consists of three parts.
1. Fuel Filling
2. Maintenance
3. Reminder

Fuel Filling :
When you reach a fuel filling station (Petrol Bunk), after refueling, open app and enter current details of your bike, like :
present fuel condition,
Meter Reading,
Fuel Price,
Amount filled
and you can set reminder for next filling too.

Maintenance : When you go for maintenance of your bike. You can choose maintenance from number of options and enter maintenance costs. You can set reminder for the maintenance. Either date type maintenance or Meter reading maintenance. App will notify when the meter reading reaches the set value.

Reminder : A separate module is created for creation of reminder. This module enables to create a Pollution reminder, Insurance reminder, Fuel filling reminder, maintenance reminder and Meter reading reminder.

The app will calculate your bike mileage based on your regular filling details and also give notifications for reminding you of regular maintenance and PUC, Insurance renewals.
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