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 Bird chirps sound to birds. 4.0

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Another rare species of chili bird who inherited the nature of bird lovers. The bird's voice is very melodious. Just turn on the audio in the app. I can hear birds. Chili peppers HD

In the chili family found in Thailand 2 species.
Characteristics: male and female are similar. The mouth of the mouth is yellow with a red band. The forehead is gray leather, head, neck and lower body black. There is a white band over the eyes. Long haul to the nape The back and wings are brass, green legs, very long feet, about 28 centimeters long, like to walk in the area with plants floating up densely. To catch insects and small aquatic animals as food. In breeding season The female will pair with more than one male, resident birds, common marshes and swamps.
Indian, Chinese, Sumatran, Javanese, Burmese, Khmer, Cochinchinese, Vietnamese, Lao and Thai. And north east
Birds in this family are tricked by walking by floating plants. Eat insects and other aquatic animals. Spur of the wing is intended for use in fighting or threatening enemies. Nesting on floating plants The nest is simple, laying eggs 3 to 5 litters. Eggs may be smooth or patterned. The newborn baby is a baby bird. It is open to the eyes, with a veil covering the body and go swimming or diving immediately. There are 8 species of tropical species in 6 genera. There are 2 species of genus in Thailand: Genus Hydrophasianus and Genus Metopidius.
Birds of this family are small to medium (16 - 53 cm) are water birds or water birds. The mouth is about the same length as the head. The mouth is similar to the large birds. By the mouth near the mouth of a little pong. The wings are quite rounded. The outer wing of the wing is longer than the wing of the wing. The sixth wing usually has a spur at the ankle, long, long, and long. Long and straight nails Especially the fingernail of the back is longer than the finger itself. Feather tail is 10 lines.
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