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Nok Nok is a bird with a beautiful melody that people like to find it but finding this bird is rare. Must go in the wild The bird is difficult because it will have to take another bird to sing just to have a bird nod to the birds will make life easier. Because in the app includes the voice of birds singing, then you just install this app on the machine and turn it on every time to go out to birds. You will get the bird back with the course.

Amaurornis phoenicurus (White-breasted Waterhen) is a distinctive bird. Once you have found one, remember it. And no other way to confuse birds. This bird has an area behind the forehead. Chase to the back of the wing and the tail is black, a little reddish, forehead, front of the neck, tummy is white. The base of the tail is reddish brown, the eyes red, the base of the mouth is bright red. The mouth is straight yellowish green. Legs and feet are yellowish green with very long legs, with the length from the mouth to the tail of the tail about 28.5-36 cm, both sexes are similar.

 The area where birds can be found in the ponds, swamps, pastures, swamps, pastures, reeds, insects on the water. River with grassy cliffs Or where to hide People who drive along a path that looks like they can find the birds walk up the road to cross the road. Walk a bit The birds will run away immediately. This bird does not fly very well. So how to run away to hide in the wild.
   The food of this species is shrimp, frogs, frogs, caterpillars, insects, larvae of insects, worms and invertebrates inhabiting damp areas. The bird will walk Tuck down the tail. This is a bird-like appearance in the same family. If not afraid Birds will walk constantly.
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