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 Black Hole Shooter 2.1.8

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Black Hole Shooter:
One Of the Best Free Games with epic graphics and gameplay.
black Hole Shooter is an Action & Adventure and an indie game.
BlackHole shooter is based on sci-fi concept of blackhole.

You're Exploring the space and you have to survive your way through planets and asteroids. Unlock Levels by completing objectives.
The game consists of 12 Galaxies and each contains 3 objectives. If you're interested in difficult and tough games. You're just a click away from playing the most difficult game that you had ever played.

Discover unique space objects and their effects. Some of the effects of space objects are as follow.

- Magnetic field attracts the upcoming stars.
- Grab Hyper Veclocity to have Max ammo.
- Kryptonite Brings you back to life.
- Dark Matter causes Slow motion.
- Ten Stars combine build one missile.
- Missile can destroy both asteroids and planets.
- Laser Are unlimited but requires to cool down.

How to Differentiate between obstacles and collectibles?
Easy, You can identify the collectibles by the smoke released under them. Find the harmony of their color.

Ever wondered? What does it feel like to fly a space ship? What lies in the space? How Planets behave? Come and explore and test your Space Ship Flying Skills.

Its not all about just flying a space ship its about destroying obstacles that comes in your way. You can increase your destruction score by Destroying Planets and Asteroids with Laser Fire or Missile Fire and Dodging the Asteroids reward with close call.

Laser Fire is Unlimited but Once too many lasers are fired it requires cool down Laser fire Damages the Obstacles, You can upgrade the cool down time, However Collect 10 Stars to Build each missile, each missile completely destroys the planet/Asteroid.

Tilt Controls.
Button Controls
Laser Fire
Missile Fire
Stars Collection
PowerUps Collection

Game Shop.
2 Free Space Ships.
4 Unlockable Space Ships,
Power Ups Upgrade

12 Galaxies
3 Objectives per Galaxy
Asteroids and Planets.
Max Destruction.
Max Hit.
Max stars.
Action Music
Google Play Services
Google Achievements
Google Leader Board

The Addictive Shooter Game out for android. Black Hole complete edition.

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