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Mobile BLE Headlight APP Set Up and Usage

1). Install both SF300 devices onto corresponding positions following the diagrams provided. Please take note SF300 antennas should be positioned straight up or parallel to the ground.

2). Turn on headlight and those connected to SF300 should illuminate. Enter BLE Headlight App with your smartphone. If phone is connected to the internet and detects a new software version available, a notification will popup asking if user want to update app. Press “OK” will open App Store for update. If Bluetooth is not enabled on your smartphone, BLE Headlight App will show a notification “Please turn on Bluetooth!” Please enable Bluetooth by pressing the “Settings” to continue.

3). Press top left button “ ”, choose ‘Settings -> Vehicles. Press top right button “+”. Under “Add new vehicle”, enter your preferred name for your vehicle, ex: Plate Number, Car Type, etc. Press “OK” and the device will notify it is “Scanning for available headlights…”. Enter both SF300 devices’ codes provided when prompted and press “OK”. Then, choose the headlight model when prompted during “Select the Lamp Type”, the device will start pairing. If successful, notification will pop up, displaying headlights as “1” and “2”, headlight models, and each headlight’s Bluetooth address. If pairing failed, popup will notify pairing failed.
If user wishes to pair multiple smartphones to the same headlights, please setup the App separately. Close the first App after completed pairing, and then proceed to turn on Bluetooth on the second phone and enter the App to prepare pairing, and so on.
Please note each headlight can pair up to a max of 3 smartphones and only one App can control the headlights at a time, all other Headlight Apps needs to be closed.

3). Adjusting headlight brightness and warning flashes functions will both be available at the App’s menu after user has finished pairing process. The Bluetooth icon next to “Home” changes color to indicate if SF300 is connected. If it is blue, at least one device is connected, if it is gray, none of the devices are connected.
A. The headlight brightness ranges from -5 to 5 levels. Press dark and bright light bulb on either side of the meter to adjust brightness. When adjusting brightness, both the headlights on user’s vehicle and the headlights visible on the App will change accordingly. Once user has decided on the brightness, wait 5 seconds and the devices will save the brightness level.
B. The App includes a Hazard Warning Light function, next to the Bluetooth symbol. Press the symbol to turn the flashing on/off. While Hazard Warning Light is turned on, user can adjust the brightness using the meter. The flashing lights brightness level will adjust on both the headlights on the vehicle and on the App. The brightness level will be saved once user turns off Hazard Warning Light.
Settings Functions Description List

Vehicles: Main function is to pair SF300. After pairing, the SF300 Bluetooth Addresses of paired vehicles are located here. To switch between controlling multiple vehicles, press the desired vehicle to switch to it. The current vehicle the App is controlling will be indicated with orange lettering to the vehicle name and green lettering to the two SF300 headlight devices. All other devices will have gray lettering to indicate it is currently not selected. To delete or edit each vehicle, press the Delete or Edit button next to the vehicle name. Pressing it will enable user to edit or delete vehicle’s SF300 BLE connection, vehicle name, and/or headlight model types.

Check Version: Press to check current SF300 devices software versions.
Vehicle Headlight Usage: Press to check the current usage duration of SF300 devices. Both devices will display separately, with unit Hours.

App Version: The App software version.

About: Press to access Product Manual and other information associated with the product and company.
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