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 Block CityCraft War Rampage 3D 2.2.4

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Block city warfare is a fantasy game where the whole block city is on war and it is the matter of survival. The user will be playing the main character of the game i.e. Pixel hero. Pixel hero is one of the greatest warrior of alien wars and being a war veteran he knows how to win wars. The pixel hero has to destroy all enemy bots and droids and gain the power.

The user can collect ammo by destroy ammo crates and ammo boxes to collect multiple ammo items like:

🚀 Bazooka.
🚀 Rocket Launcher.
🚀 Alien Gun.
🚀 Proton Pack.
🚀 Landmark Destroying Beam.
🚀 Martian Heat Beam.
🚀 Taser.
🚀 Laser Gun.
🚀 Alien Sword.
🚀 Alien Missile Launcher.

With this extreme artillery n alien stands a chance against pixel hero,stop the city from the eclipse of darkness. Drop the hero pod which can be turned into a super fast bike through which the can roam around the city to pick out each and every opponent. User can drive a bicycle in the city also to check the city out by visiting landscapes, beaches, road and streets of alien block city. If the user gets the shortage of ammo he/she can take help from his/her cyber bog allies. The user can also destroy and demolish alien droids and collect ammo packages. User can take part in aerial combat by using rocket powered jet-packs to fly all over the city and destroy all alien aircraft and space shuttle to defeat enemy. To enhance the speed and gain the supersonic speed use harpoons. To keep the pixel hero alive avoid neon laser and alien laser.

Let us explore few more amazing features of the game

👾 Huge open world block city.
👾 Detailed gameplay.
👾 Interesting Stroyline.
👾 Strong characterization.
👾 Completely Free No In-App purchases.
👾 No Internet or network required.
👾 No Wi-Fi No Problem.
👾 Smooth and detailed controller.
👾 Innovative and dynamic 3D camera angles.
👾 Multiple camera views.
👾 Detailed Graphics.
👾 Guidelines, speech bubbles and animations.
👾 War sound effects (SFX).
👾 Alien war visual effects (VFX).
👾 Multiple bikes, bicycles and aircraft to drive and fly.
👾 Range of advanced weaponry.
👾 Powerful alien bazooka and rockets.
👾 Multiple band wars.
👾 Alien police chase.
👾 Battle tanks, APC, rocket launchers and alien bombs.
👾 Hunt alien zombies and shoot them with bazooka to gain extra points.
👾 Avoid the cars that could hurt pixel hero and chase cats and dogs.
👾 Destroy alien mafia, gangs, mobsters and gangsters.
👾 Highly rated fantasy game.
👾 Free for everyone.
👾 Full HD display.
👾 Classic alien weapons like alien axes, alien maces, alien swords, alien crossbows, alien hunter's bows.
👾 Collect health items and gain strength for pixel hero.
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