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The world has been pushed again to the brink of a cataclysmic disaster. After the nuclear apocalypse, the reins of the world have gone in the hands of a brutal dictator who wishes to wipe out everything humane and establish the rule of bestiality. You were once part of this evil army but now can no longer stand the extent of cruelty inflicted by the dictator’s army on gullible natives. You have revolted and your contumacious self is driving you to take up arms against the tyrannical army.

Block Hunter Survival game tests the resilience of your nerves by pushing you to the limit of gory war. The skill with which you would wield your weapons and deftly plan your moves by anticipating the strategy of the enemies will bail you out of this predicament. Wrong, ill-planned and casually made moves would prove fatal and ruin your chances of surviving the radioactive garbage that the whole country has been transformed into.

The game will offer you unparalleled thrill and excitement. Your pulse would start racing as the game starts progressing. Your heart would pound in sheer anticipation of the things you are likely to encounter next. Your combative skills and strategic thinking has to outstrip that of the enemy. The game makes you come face to face with the forces of the evil dictator. The ensuing game play will make chill run down your spine. The block hunter survival game has been developed by ace designers who have meticulously attended to each aspect of the game. Buckle up now.


****Authentic post nuclear war scene recreated
****Fabulous graphics and cool atmospherics
****Quaint settings
****Sensational audio
****Lethal and diverse array of weapons
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