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In the game Blockor Game you can become the biggest and steepest block, competing with players from all over the world! It's time to prove this in this lively io-game. Collect useful things that will give your unit some vital improvements and win.
A new blockor io game is available on any android device. Here you need to manage a small block that moves around the playing field in order to grow and become a huge block. To become big and strong in io games, you need to join other units and defeat opponents. Remember, you can only absorb blocks smaller in size, larger block, on the contrary, will absorb you and your io game will be over. Beautiful multiplayer io game Blockor Game with beautiful graphics will not leave indifferent fans io games. Enjoy!
Blockor io Game is truly a vibrant representative of online io games for mobile platforms, in which users compete in the sizes of cubes.
First, in the main menu of Blockor io Game, the user needs to come up with his nickname, and then you can connect to other players. The essence of the io game is quite simple - at the very beginning the user manages a small cube, on which the heart is depicted. With the help of the touch control it is necessary to move around the location, collecting scattered everywhere colored fragments.
They will be attached, and when the elements will be enough, they will merge into one big one. So the point of the io application is to get the largest form among all the participants in the fascinating Blockor io Game.
In addition to the above color fragments on the map there is nothing. That is, all users are on equal terms, without any bonuses or boosters. But in fact, the gameplay because of this seems very fun and diverse. And control allows you to keep under control the entire io game Blockor your winning block
Most of these io games do not have a high level of graphics, this instance is an exception. The game will please you with interesting unusual sounds that will complement your emotions.
The game Blockor Game will allow you to raise concentration and strategic thinking, because here, first of all, the smartest participant of battles wins.
Also io game blockor perfectly suits everyone who wants to pass the time somewhere in the queue for example, you do not need to postpone just get the phone and go to the victories.
Many argue that io genre games help to relieve stress and just get distracted. Psychologists recommend periodically give play to these games to children.
We suggest not to pull, and download the game Blockor Game io on android.
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