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Imagine having all food details what suits your blood group at one place, and being able to check what is good, bad and neutral for your blood group at one touch. That’s “Blood Diet“ app for you, which integrates all the blood details for you.
Using this you can perform an search of item within each category, such as Meat, Sea Food, Dairy products, Oils & fats, Nuts & seeds, Beans, Cereals, Breads & Muffins, Grains & Pastas, Vegetables & Sprouts, Fruits, Juice & Fluids, Species, Condiments and Beverages.
Also you can perform a Global search what all food items are beneficial for your blood group, and at the same time which are bad too.

App will give you details such as -
1. Details for Each Food Category
2. Blood Donation Tips
3. Blood Compatibility table details
4. Blood Group details
5. References to know more about your blood group diet
6. Global search for functionality

I Always appreciate your feedback to improve the app! Please send us your ideas and suggestions:
Twitter: @irfanshirur

Developed By : Mohammed Irfan Shirur & Icons Designed By : Freepik
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