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 Bluefang Dog Training & Fitness 1.2.27

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BLUEFANG Dog Trainer

The new, improved Bluefang dog training app makes training your dog quick and easy. It turns your phone into a hand-held training device and may be used with or without a Bluefang Bluetooth dog training collar.

WITHOUT THE COLLAR: The app turns your phone into a sonic dog trainer that emits audible tone commands and a “Click” tone. Each command tone is associated with a specific behavior (sit, stay, heel, etc.). Play the tone and say the command as you manipulate your dog to perform the behavior. Use the click as a positive stimulus while giving your dog a treat and praise to reinforce the desired behavior. The audible stimulus anchors the command and associated behavior in your dog’s memory. The click immediately engenders good feelings associated with reward and affection. This app will speed obedience and behavioral training and make the process less stressful and more enjoyable for you and your dog.

DOG BMI CALCULATOR: Enter your dog’s breed, gender, height and weight. The app instantly calculates your dog’s BMI showing its current fitness level verses ideal.

WITH THE COLLAR: The app remotely operates the Bluefang dog training collar, via Bluetooth, with a range of up to 400 feet, to provide REMOTE TRAINING, BARK CONTROL and ACTIVITY TRACKING. Some Bluefang collar models work with High Tech Pet’s electronic fence systems, electronic dog doors and other dog controlled accessories. Linking is wireless and quick. Just scan for collars and tap the one you want to link to. Switch collars in just seconds.

REMOTE TRAINING: The app remotely activates any of 6 audible training tones generated by the collar, each associated with a specific, user defined, command. It also activates a clicker device in the collar used to positively enforce desired dog behavior. You may also activate the collar’s vibration generator and static stimulus generator used to deter unwanted or dangerous behavior. The intensity and duration of the static stimulus may be individually controlled and adjusted to your dog’s unique temperament. The app controls an unlimited number of collars. Each collar may be given a unique stimulus profile specific to the individual dog wearing the collar.

BARK CONTROL: The Bluefang Collar has built in bark control that may be activated and tailored to your dog via the app. Choose from 3 training modes. Normal mode stops all barking. Anti-Intruder mode stops nuisance barking but allows the more excited type of barking your dog exhibits when barking at an intruder or emergency. Anti-Howl mode stops barking and howling.

ACTIVITY MONITOR: Track your dog’s motion throughout the day and view the minutes spent and calories burned at each of 5 activity levels. Data may be displayed by day, week, month or year and is stored for view when not linked to the collar.

ELECTRONIC FENCE: Some Bluefang collar models have a built-in electronic fence receiver to work with any High Tech Pet electronic fence transmitter. The transmitter sends a radio signal through a boundary wire you bury around your yard to administer static stimulus if your dog attempts to cross the boundary. This feature also works with High Tech Pet’s SUPER SCRAM mat that causes the collar to emit stimulus whenever the dog steps on the mat keeping your dog off furniture, away from trash cans and other “off limits” areas. Electronic fence may be remotely toggled on and off with the app.

ELECTRONIC PET DOOR: Some Bluefang models have a built-in ultrasonic transmitter that operates High Tech Pet’s motorized Power Pet door that automatically opens on your dog’s approach. Also operates the High Tech Pet Sound Barrier and Yard Barrier portable sonic fences. The app lets you remotely toggle this feature on and off.

The app controls an unlimited number of collars and lets you create a unique profile for each, including dog name, commands, stimulus level and bark control settings. Includes in-app help screens.
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