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 Bluelight Cut Filter+ Avoid Eye Strain 3.9

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This application creates the special filter which reduces the blue light that comes from screen.
A blue light is reduced and the burden of eyes is eased.
Unlike the sheet physically stuck on the screen, a filter can be displayed easily.
A color and transparency can be set up freely.
Four kinds of filters (amber, an orange, wine, energy saving) have preset by default.

Furthermore, since the brightness of a display can also be set up, you can build energy-saving display with eye-friendly.

===== Additional capability =====
This is the app which added the following function to the "blue light protection" app without a perfect free advertisement.
1.The brightness of a display can be set up by luminance setup.
2.It is reset if the tap of the notice bar is carried out (recreate of a filter).
3.It is reset if the tap of the App icon is carried out(recreate of a filter).
4.It is reset by rotational speed sensor if you shake the smartphone.(recreate of a filter)
5.It can reset by proximity sensor.(recreate of a filter)
6.Since there is no need to re-create the filter when waking from sleep, screen does not flicker.
7.It raise the filter strength, and making it difficult to be released.

===== Ultralight low load =====
There is no display of an advertising column.
Network communication does not occur, either.
An unnecessary ornament, processing, and acquisition authority were eliminated as much as possible, and pursued low load thoroughly.

===== How to use =====
1.Choose a filter.
2.Push "Star icon button"
3.Completion (filter is set and app is finished).

The preview of a filter will be displayed if an eye icon button is pushed.

A filter will be canceled if "x icon button" is pushed.

===== Contents which can be set up =====

It is the transparency of a filter.
Please change according to liking.
If transparency becomes low, the blue light reduction effect will become high.

With the combination of 3 colors (red, green, blue), the color of a filter can be set up freely.
Please keep in mind that the blue light reduction effect will be lost if a blue value is raised.

It is the animation at the time of filter creation.
The scales, the rise, the down, the left, the right, the alpha, and those without anime can be set up.

Display luminosity
It is a brightness setup of a display.
Can be set up to 1-100 and Default.
By combining the color and transparency of a filter, a very fine display setup is possible.
If it sets to Default, it become the luminosity by the smartphone initial set.

Rotational speed sensor(shake a smart phone)
When you shake the smartphone using the wrist, you can recreate a filter.
It can set up to OFF and 1-100.

Proximity sensor(A finger is brought close to a sensor)
A filter can recreate if a finger is brought close to a sensor.
It can set up to OFF and 1-100.

Creation of shortcut to a notice bar
It is a shortcut to the app create to a notice bar.

Creation of Reset to a notice bar.
It create a reset of the filter to the notice bar.

Reset by startup
Is reset every time you restart (Release of a sleep state) the smartphone, the filter will be re-created.
If the smartphone is rebooted where a filter is covered (sleep release), the model by which a filter will be erased exists.
In that case, please put in a check.

===== Cautions =====
While displaying the filter, it becomes impossible to install new app.
Android's safety feature operates and it becomes impossible to push "installation" button.
In order to prevent it, when a filter is applied, all installations of a new app are forbidden by android.
Due to the above reasons, when you install a new app, please end an app and cancel a filter.

::::: Kazu Pinklady :::::

The developer of this app has been certified to the official developers of "Androriders" as a developer of a safe and secure app.
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