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 BoatGPS GPS App. for Hiking/Boat fishing 6.26

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*** The latest change(v6.15) 2017Sep11 ***
Push notification setting is performed automatically when camera or
photo lib is invoked.

Changed a button position to make much easier to take/send a photo.
-- Recent change --
・Created an iOS App. to view uploaded photos : "boatGpsMsg"
To View photos and check where they were taken by iPhone and iPad.

*Time and moving speed is always displayed
*Can send out Push notification to group member from WEB page.
*can add small message when upload the photo.
*Startup guide is ready at Open it with web browser or #2 help button in this app. Comment in drawings are Japanese, so, need guess, but must be helpfull.

Test data is there:
GroupName/Password = test/test

Sapporo-Fukuoka track data can be downloaded. Please download and display it.

*Added camera, take a picture and send to a server with notification. Your buddy can view the photo as soon as you take a picture.

>>How to use it
(1) #1 Map
As soon as App starts first time, the description on the App shows up. Take a quick look and
wait for seconds, drawing starts. The default setting is :

Track is updated with new position every 1 sec. Can change it as you like.

Other buttons on #1 Map are
>Save the current positoin
>Redraw the MAP
>GoogleMap display

Double tapping on #1 Map move you to #2 Setting menu display.

(2)#2 Setting menu
Buttons are ready to
>Delete/Rename saved points and add new point
>Upload/download track data to internet server.
>Delete/Rename/Display saved track data. You can kick googlemap to see the track.
>Terminate the App

(3)Drawing and Receiving GPS data are separate
The App. is made of 2 Apps, one for drawing and another for receiving GPS data.
After the App. starts, you can terminate drawing app anytime, while GPS app
continue his work. Then check the track any time by kicking the drawing app again.

>>What the App. help you
(1) Drawing your track does not need internet access.
>Fishing boat -> You can check boat position and the target point(fish point)
>Hiking -> Follow your track backward and you can return to the start point.

SHARP 304SH can keep drawing the track for 8 hours. This is good enough for my half
day boat fishing so far. I may need extra battery for 2 days boat fishing.

(2) Check other boats on #1 Map or googlemap(*Need internet access)
Can locate on the #1 Map or GoogleMap. This is usufull for rescuing a boat in
trouble or hiker who lost the way in the mountain.

(3) Can share the track through internet(*Need internet access)

(4) Googlemap
Can kick GoogleMap to check the detail around the place.

>Green => Long press
>Red => Touch
>Purple => Selection

>> Why I needed develop the App.
(1) I needed minimum features and intuitive buttons.
So I developed the App. myself. It consists of 2 panels,
drawing and setting(and googlemap), very minimum feature.


(1) Accumulated distance is usuful. You can check fuel consumption per mile.
(2) The track name to be saved is "yy-mm-dd_trc". You can change it to any
meaningfull name such as Aug10_big3Salmon.
(3) For boat fishing, you can check your current position and fish point
at your position. You can tell captain to move 50m north,...etc.
(4) Summry of the functions
>Display track
>Save/readout saved track and can compare the current track.
>non-googlemap mode -> quick and no power consumption
>Googlemap is okay as well just in case.
>Save fish point
>Accumlated distance, speed.
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