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 BodCalc - A BODMAS Calculator 1.0

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BodCalc is a simple calculator app that performs calculation based on BODMAS rule.

If you are unaware of BODMAS, it is an abbreviation for the order of precedence of operators in Arithmetic world. i.e.
B = Brackets
O = Of
D = Division
M = Multiplication
A = Addition
S = Subtraction

Along with these, you can deal with some more useful operators in BodCalc namely:
P = To the Power ( ^ )
R = Remainder
And however 'Of' is same as multiplication so for this app the alias could be BPDMRAS.

But BodCalc has some more special functions which makes this app feel special in the category.
M( ) : Modulus or Absolute value
F( ) : Fractioner
S( ) : Simplification.

The M( ) is used to get positive only result as its name describes.

F( ) is a special function when added to the expression, returns the result in fraction if or not the result was expected as a repeating or non-repeating decimal number.

S( ) is another special function of BodCalc which is used to find the ratio among comma separated numbers. There is no limit on the number of comma separated values.
Along with this it also displays the HCF, LCM and common factors among the numbers.

That's it !!
Download and enjoy calculating.
Do provide rating to BodCalc if you liked it.
If you have any question, suggestion, feedback or found a bug in BodCalc, don't hesitate to write on my e-mail address or in the review section.
Proper and our level best assistance will be provided.
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