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Bomber with Crew Simulator on android is a fascinating air simulator that will cause a storm of emotions in you. Game Bomber with Crew begins with the fact that there are seven recruits and a brand-new, directly from the factory, Avro Lancaster. You have a lot to go through together.
The shooting of enemy antiaircraft guns, the icy cold of high-altitude flights, the pursuit of fighters, the deadly game of Bomber in hide and seek in the clouds, injuries, fires and, of course, the hard-won return to the base. On a single sneezing and crashing engine, with a fuselage-like colander, on the last drops of fuel, with wounded and dying comrades aboard the Bomber with Crew game.
But it's all after, first you need to choose your name more beautifully, paint it in the right color, put on the fuselage some daring picture and an inscription. Game Bomber with Crew on android is all welcome.
Then in the flight simulator Bomber with Crew pick up the outfit for all the crew members - overalls, body armor, gloves, boots, helmets, oxygen masks. To not be frozen, were protected from bullets, but still could cheerfully move around the cabin of the aircraft. This is important, because there is little where during the flight will need extra hands. At first, there is not much ammunition, but as the missions progress and the popularity of the variants of uniforms becomes greater. Bomber with Crew is primarily the development of your crew and aircraft.
Next is to take up your plane. Additional armor for Bomber, replace the engines with more reliable and powerful ones, put the turrets with a higher rate of fire and auto-supply cartridges, add a fire fighting system, a lifeboat, a more advanced radar, first-aid kits and do not forget about the mail pigeon. Pigeon in Bomber is very important - this is your chance to survive in case of landing on a foreign territory, plus a kind of mascot of the game. Again, the main thing is to have enough experience and money.
And here the most interesting begins. Every mission in Bomber with Crew. We catch a target with a clouded goal in the Army Battle Simulator, track enemy fighters, do not forget to bring cartridge belts, monitor the radar, change altitude, plot the route, treat wounded comrades, put out burning engines and fires in the cabin. And all this simultaneously, at once, without any pause or respite, just like in Construction Crew!
Distracted by the wounded gunner - missed the moment when the last engine fell off. Did not have time to fix the oxygen installation - get an inoperative crew in Bomber with Crew Simulator.
Forgot the flight engineer on the wing near the burning engine - repair the faulty electrical wiring though teeth. Tiny little people are rushing about in the salon, trying to catch everything, you get confused in dozens of contradictory reports from all sides, a riddled bomber groans and tries to fall apart on the fly. And then a German ace appears from the clouds. And the game about planes Bomber with Crew Simulator turns into a new fascinating channel.
We offer to download Bomber with Crew Simulator rather than Android and start playing!
* This game Bomber with Crew Simulator is not a continuation of Bomber with Crew, but it has many similar events! Have a good game!
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