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Bonsai is a dwarf plant commonly planted in shallow pots. Overall a bonsai is a miniature of a great old tree in an enhanced outdoors. More than that a bonsai symbolizes harmony from the universe whose main element consists of the heavens, the earth and humans. This is reflected in the bonsai form which is always a symmetrical triangle. The highest point represents the sky, the lowest point represents the middle earth that is symbolizing the human

The concept of an understanding of the meaning of Bonsai art above in principle reflects a beautiful relationship between the Creator and his creation making the art of Bonsai exist until now and has lasted for hundreds of years. That is why, a Master piece of Bonsai is made in a long time with high-level handling. Given the very long formation process, Bonsai lovers can fill their needs in shaping and enjoying Bonsai in other ways that essentially apply the rules of Bonsai formation on other non-tree crops to obtain the expected Bonsai shape such as the Upright (Formal upright ), Informal upright, Slanting, Half hanging (Semi cascade), Cascade, Wind swept and so on.

One of the requirements of a good bonsai is beautiful and natural. Beautiful means the bonsai can show the harmony of the whole plant and harmony with the pot. Natural means the shape of the bonsai does not deviate from the original tree form in the wild. Generally, the bonsai is asymmetrical.
There are five basic styles of bonsai:

Straight up (chokkan)
Upright winding (tachiki)
Leaning (shakan)
Half hanging (han kengai)
Hanging (kengai)

In addition to the five basic styles, there is still another style that is the development of the five basic styles include:

Swipe upside down (hokizukuri)
The wind (pukinagashi)
Twisted (nejikan)
Growing up on the rock (ishizuki)
Gripping rocks
Highlighting the roots (neagari)
Branch droop (shidarezukuri)
Free (bunjin)
Growing from the stem (ikadabuki)
Root intertwined (netsunagari)

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