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Brainia : Brain Training Games For The Mind is a collection of over 30 brain training games designed to flex your mind using logic, memory, math, words and speed educational games. Perfect for road trips, waiting rooms, or any other time you need a little brain coffee. Games can be played in 60-120 seconds.

★ Lights Out - Turn all the lights out using as few clicks as possible.
★ Count Up - Tap the numbers from lowest to highest.
★ Matching Shapes - Find and tap all the matching shapes in the grid.
★ Pattern Finder – Analyze the current pattern carefully and then fill in the blank.

★ Recent Memory - Determine if the current shape matches the previously shown shape.
★ Block Memory - Memorize the pattern displayed in the grid. Repeat this pattern.
★ Face Names - Can you remember the associated names that go with these faces?
★ Sequence Memory – Can you follow the sequence pattern displayed in the grid?
★ Changing Shapes - Select the shapes that have changed.
★ Changing Colors - Select the color blocks that have changed.

★ High Speed Values – Select the value that is higher.
★ Speed Find – How fast can you find this shape?
★ Direction Follower – How well do you follow directions?
★ Distraction – Select the direction the center arrow is pointing. Don’t get distracted!
★ Speed Count – How fast can you count?
★ Same or Different – How fast can you identify whether the two shapes are the same or different?

★ Math Rush – Solve as many arithmetic problems as quickly as possible.
★ Operands – Find the missing arithmetic operator for the given problem.
★ Addition – Game focused on addition problems.
★ Subtraction - Game focused on subtraction problems.
★ Division - Game focused on division problems.
★ Multiplication - Game focused on multiplication problems.
★ Number Mirage - Quickly identify if the number shown is a mirror image or not.

★ Crossword Twist – Find and then move your finger across the letters to select the displayed word.
★ Spelling Bee - Spell out the correct word that best matches the displayed definition.
★ Scrambled Words - Select the correctly spelled word that best matches the displayed definition
★ Word Types – Select the correct word type (nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs).
★ Word Color - Does the meaning of the word match its text color?
★ Homophones - Tap the matching homophones.
★ Similarities – Are the two displayed words Synonyms (similar) or Antonyms (different)?

Additional brain games added monthly!

✓ Daily Training Sessions. Random brain games are selected daily based on past game performance and personal game interest.

✓ Scaling Game Difficulties. Difficulty changes based on your right/wrong answers. Earned points go up as the difficulty increases!

✓ Performance Tracking. All game performances are saved so you can review them later to see the brain areas you may need to focus on to improve your results.

✓ Percentile Tracking. This competitive score displays how well you score compared to other members in YOUR age group.

✓ Player Profiles. Each player will have their own training sessions, performance and percentile tracking.

✓ Leaderboards. Leaderboards are localized to all player profiles within a member account

✓ Reminders. Set the day and time of when you would like to be reminded to train your brain.

Brania is intended for educational entertainment. While these brain training games were developed with the intention to improve your logic, math, words, speed and memory skills, no research has yet been conducted to determine if this app has cognitive benefits.
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