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Is scientifically proved that it is possible to stimulate certain parts of the brain through the use of sound waves heard at a certain frequency.
BrainSound has developed a collection of sounds at certain frequencies suitable for:
1. Relieve stress and promote a lasting and substantial reduction of anxiety in people who are subject;
2. Facilitate deep physical relaxation and mental clarity;
3. Increase the verbal skills and performance of the brain;
4. Invoking mental images vivid and spontaneous, imagination and creativity, reduce pain, promote euphoria and stimulate the release of endorphins;
5. Stimulate sleep;
6. Helping the brain to stimulate memory recall past events.
EXTRA: repel mosquitoes; note: the sound waves used to repel mosquitoes are not audible to the human ear because at high frequency.

The sounds tested by engineers and physicists are chosen because on the same frequency of brain waves.
Brainwaves are of various types whose origin is obscure and every one of these waves indicates the operation of a different part of the mind, they are:
1) alpha waves (was subconscious) Frequency: 9 and 11 Hz
2) delta waves (sleep state) 0.5 and 4 Hz
3) Theta (psychic power) 4 and 7 / 8 Hz
4) To Range (deep psychic power) 30 and 41 Hz

During our daily lives we all experience different "states of consciousness", go to a waking state to the various stages of sleep.
But even states of consciousness "extraordinary" are part of our common experience: when we feel particularly "creative" unusually "intuitive" exceptionally "bright" deeply "relaxed."
All stages of our consciousness are due to incessant electrochemical activity of the brain that manifests itself through "electromagnetic waves" brain waves, in fact.
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