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 Brave Bee Flight 1.8

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✔✔✔Take a deep breath, and prepare as we have the greatest news for you. We have created and designed the most astonishing addictive game just for you. Rush in haste to the market and download free the popular ☃Brave Bee Flight☃ app. You will be enchanted with the vivid colors that paint the surroundings and with the amusing appearance of the main player. It is one of the most amazing insects and it is very friendly. She takes off in the impressive adventure and you are there to help her. Do not leave your friend all alone but guide her in the air. You should fly as long as possible and collect as much daises as you can, as they are extremely precious. Have fun while you are in flight control and avoid collision with barriers. Have fun while you play the top ☃Brave Bee Flight☃ game.

✔✔✔There is no reason not to indulge in the mesmerizing mission. The goal of it is to stay in the air as long as you can and navigate the brave bee until you set the highest high score. You can even organize a little competition among your friends and the winner will be the one completes the mission. There are certain challenges along the way and you should make sure to take them on. Do not forget them, as they will be useful. With the best ☃Brave Bee Flight☃, you will never again be bored. It is the latest source of endless fun and entertainment and you will not be able to take off your eyes and fingers from the screen of your tablet. Be wise and avoid all the obstacles in the air because if you hit them you will fall to the ground and the cool game will be over. So, whenever you see mines and lasers make sure not to collide with them. Get the newest ☃Brave Bee Flight☃ and prove your multitasking skills.

Your mission is to:
- Take off and stay in the air as long as possible
- Be careful not to hit the obstacle
- Collect power-ups and daises
- Stay in the game as long as you can and set high score

✔✔✔The time is right for you to meet your new best friend who desperately seeks your help. Do not hesitate but enter the craziest adventure and prove your skills regarding flight control. Navigate the brave bee while it flies and make sure not to crash into chain mine. While you are in the air gather as much daises as possible because you can buy with them very useful things and among them is the one that will completely astound you. That is actually another player who is cuter and you like her better. Then you can guide her to roam the highest heights and collect power ups. Can you believe that some of them exactly yellow flower can destroy incoming obstacles? It is of great help so make sure not to miss it while you play popular ☃Brave Bee Flight☃.

✔✔✔Now you will be the happiest person when you enter the shop and see all the latest items there. One of them is even the honey dipper, which you can buy for only 500 daises. It will provide you with a second chance to take off if you happen to hit any obstacle and fall to the ground. In addition, you can purchase the jar of honey and it will be the best power up ever. With it, you and your brave bee will move super-fast and survive all sorts of impacts. Be careful while you are flying to avoid all the hornets because they are extremely dangerous. If you hit them, you will lose life. Enjoy in the magnificent hours of amusement while you are playing the top game on your smartphone. Download free the coolest ☃Brave Bee Flight☃ and indulge in the sensational adventure.

Interesting features of the game:
- The amusing appearance of the main character
- Fascinating sound effects
- The sensational landscape from your dreams
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