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# Note_1: This program is simply intended to demonstrate different techniques employed when building an app in Android Studio #

# Note_2: Due to restructure of lottery pulls after 28.Oct.2017
This app no longer generates numbers based on statistics #

This App generates lottery numbers for the Mega Millions using statistical analysis of previous winning lottery numbers coupled with the 'laws of random numbers'.

For example, if I were to randomly generate a number between 1 and 10, each number should appear 10% of the time. And let's say the number 1 has only been randomly selected 6% of the time, then as more trials are run, the number 1 will occur more frequently. So that eventually, through many trials, the number 1 will be picked enough times to reach that 10% overall percentage.

There is currently no Mega Millions number generator that uses previous winning numbers in this capacity.
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