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 Breakout Battle 1.1.4

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Breakout Battle, is a fast paced, two player, head to head arcade game!
Destroy your opponent's brick first to win!
Compete in the included layouts or build your own in the level editor!



* Original Soundtrack by Midnight Giant:

* Player vs Player
* Player vs Bot
* Bot vs Bot (why not?)

* Current Brick types:
* * Normal - One hit to break.
* * Power - Drops a powerup when hit
* * Extra ball - Releases another ball when broken
* * Bomb - Destroys any nearby brick when broken including strong and indestructible
* * Strong - Takes 4 hits to break
* * Indestructible - Can't be broken by ball. DOES NOT need to be broken to finish game.

Please suggest more bricks!

* Powerups
* * Black Hole - Launches a black hole towards opponent, dragging balls with it
* * White Hole - Launches a white hole towards opponent, pushing away nearby balls
* * Shrink Self - Shrinks your paddle
* * Shrink Opponent - Shrinks opponent's paddle
* * Expand Self - Expands your paddle
* * Expand Opponent - Expands opponents paddle

Please suggest more powerups!

* Level Editor
* Don't like my levels? Think you can do better? Make your own levels using the exact same level editor I used to make my levels!


Features to come:
* 2D Graphics mode for slower phones.
* Colorblind mode
* Networked multiplayer
* Ability to play other people's layouts
* UI improvements
* Classic mode (one paddle single player)
* Level Editor for Classic Mode

Please give feedback on how I can improve the game.
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