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In this course you will learn with 11 videos how to get your Bitcoins, Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin, blockchain. In just 20 minutes you will learn to buy any Cryptomoneda from the market and set up automatic alarms that let you know when the price of the currency you like drops, so you can earn money in the future. This course is free and fast. You will learn to Buy your Bitcoins, control your wallets, blockchain and review your history.

What will I learn in this blockchain course?
• Buy your Cryptomonedas at the best price
• Manage your wallets
• Send and receive cryptocurrencies on your wallet

Who is this blockchain course for?
• Anyone who wants to buy Bitcoins
• And want to be up to date with the prices of the Cryptomonedas

Understanding how a block chain works is the first step to take advantage of technology. Learn how a blockchain value unit moves from part A to part B.

Get up to date with blockchain, with its glossary of terms:

• Bitcoin: A digital currency that is not backed by the central bank or government of any country; negotiated for goods or services with suppliers that accept bitcoins as payment

• Bitcoin Mining: The act of processing transactions in the digital currency system; The current bitcoin transaction records - identified as blocks - are added to the past transaction record, known as the blockchain.

• Cryptocurrency: A subset of digital currencies; they do not have physical representation and they use encryption to ensure the processes involved in carrying out transactions.

• Digital wallet: A software application, usually for a smartphone, that serves as an electronic version of a physical wallet.

• Distributed box book: A database in which parts of the database are stored in multiple physical locations and the processing is distributed among several database nodes; Block chain systems are called distributed ledgers.

• Ethereum: A public distributed computing platform based on blockchain with intelligent contract functionality; helps execute peer-to-peer contracts using a cryptocurrency called ether.

• Hash / hashing: The transformation of a character string into a normally shorter value, of fixed length, or a key that represents the original string (similar to the creation of a bitly link).

• Remittances: A sum of money sent, especially by mail or electronic transfer, in payment for goods or services, or as a gift.

• Intelligent contract: Computer program that directly controls the transfer of coins or digital assets between parties under certain conditions; stored in blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology underlies cryptocurrencies, specifically bitcoin and Ethereum, and is being explored as a fundamental technology for a number of other registration systems such as mobile payments, property registries and smart contracts.
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