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With the popularity of the smart phones, we waste a lot of time on it. We are addicted to it and our time becomes fragmented very seriously. We can't focus on the important things, like work, deep thinking and talking with people we care about and so on. It seems that we become an appendage of our phones.

And Even more, take me for example, I always slept very late at night because I spent a lot of time playing with phone, reading meaningless news, watching nonsensical videos. Sometimes I even play with my phone until the morning. This living habit seriously has a bad effect on my spirit of the next day. As time goes by, my body becomes weaker and weaker, but I just can't stop it. So considering this, I decided to develop this app to get rid of my bad habit of sleeping late.

Besides this, now many children are addicted to phone games. Phone games occupy most of their study and outdoor sports time. Parents often lack enough control over this and this app can keep the children away from their phone games.

With this app you can:

You can set up a time duration, I call it a time plan. During this time plan, you can't get access to your phone. So you can focus on your matter things, go to sleep early, or keep away from the games.

During the time plan, under some special conditions, you can still get limited access to your phone. You can make a call to your friend, or send a short message to your family. Besides, you can also set a certain amount of time to leave for some unexpected and necessary work with your phone. I call it emergency time.

The time plan can be set as scheduled. That means, you can make the time plan to take effect at some fixed days of a week. You can let it take place every day of a week, or some days of a week, and also you can make it effect for only once.

Phone permission description:

This app tries to use phone permissions as less as possible. And here I want to give a detailed description about some critical permissions it use.

Usage access permission. This permission is used when you make a call or send a message during a time plan. It can tell which app you are using. So by this info we can stop you from playing with phone through pretending to make a call or send a message.

Phone status permission. This permission can allow you to make or receive a call when you are during a time plan. App will not collect any information about your phone call.

Notification listen permission. This permission only helps our app service to live as long as possible. It can help app not to be killed and so your time plan won't be missed. Please don't be worried, this app will do nothing about your phone's notifications and also will not collect any information about your notifications.

Boot up permission. This permission can let the app service run at the first time after your phone is booted up. And so your time plan won't be missed.

Float window permission. This permission can tell you how much emergency time is left and how much time is left for you to prepare for a call or a message.

The white list. Strictly speaking, this is not a permission. Some phone system and memory clean tools will kill the app in the background. This makes your time plan missed. If so, please add this app into their white lists.

Please don't be worried. This app will not interfere with your normal phone use and won't spy on your privacy. If you are still worried about some permission it used, you can close it in your phone setting manually. Naturally, a lack of some permission may affect your experience with it. Also If some permission is closed by your phone by default, you can open it manually in your setting.

The app has tried its best to save your phone power and will only be active when it needs to.

So if you want to keep away from your phone, develop a good living habit, just try this.

If there is any problem, you can send an email to me at

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