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Now it's even faster to find out how long the project will last, when the start date is or when it will end!

The calendar week calculator from Schnitzer Anlauf- und Projektmanagement GmbH (Ramp-up and Project Management) supports this and enables fast and easy scheduling or calculation of projects.

- You have projects, know the start/end date and would really like to calculate the duration?

- You have a project that lasts a certain number of weeks and you would really like to set the associated start and end date?

No problem with the calendar week calculator from the Schnitzer Group!

The Schnitzer calendar week calculator complies with the ISO 8601 standard, which is applied in Germany and most European countries.

The following calculations are possible:
Start date input + Duration in weeks = End date output
End date input + Duration in weeks = Start date output
Start date input + End date = Duration in weeks output
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