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Cash register shrinkage is a big problem for businesses. In today’s society, the art of counting the correct change is forgotten. Coin counting seems to be a bit of a struggle for some. Cashier’s Friend simplifies it. Making change has never been easier.

It’s a simple TWO STEP process. Enter the amount you need to give back to the customer and then tap the calculate button… THAT’S IT!

Cashier’s Friend is FREE and is the simplest and most accurate tool to learn how to return the correct change. Its graphical interface shows you what coins to return. It tells you how many quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies to give back to your customer. If you don’t have the right coins, you can simply click a tab next to the coin you don’t have and then the app recalculates what to return.

Example: So let’s say you need to give back $.89, enter 89 in the number pad and then hit the calculate button. That’s it!

The app will show you that you need to give back;
3 Quarters, 1 Dime, 0 Nickels and 4 Pennies.

If you don’t have any quarters in your cash drawer, simply click “No Quarters”. The app then recalculates the change to return and will show you that you need to giving back.

0 Quarters, 8 Dimes, 1 Nickel and 4 Pennies

You can keep doing this until you only have 89 pennies to give back. Hit the "Reset" button to start over again. It's that simple.

Using this app helps eliminate the possibility of giving back the incorrect change.

This is a great tool for employers to recommend to their employees to download to assist and train with their customer service and math skills. By using this free tool, employees can hone their skill in giving the proper change back to the customer, thus eliminating loses in revenue from cash register shrinkage during point of sale transactions.

Teens can use this tool to help train themselves for a career in retail industries. It not only gives them the tools needed to properly calculate monetary transactions, it can provide them the confidence needed to be successful in retail and with customer interaction.
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