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 Champions Wrestling Rivals: Ring Revolution Battle 2.1


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With ever changing situation of ring fighting games and wrestling fighting games you are welcomed to wrestling fight of taekwondo, karate, capoeira, kung fu and martial arts. Traditional wrestling has been transformed and new variants of this battle has been adopted in very recent years of arena fighting category. There are many names that are alive in these cage wrestling games who are dare devil type of heroes for everyone and have enormous fighting techniques which they use against their rival wrestler to show him his destined defeat with their hands. Many of the wrestlers have been contacted by dark forces of nature and they have turned themselves to the killing machines of ring battle and they do not spare even a punch and kick to their rival opponent in the fight of wrestling 2 player. Tag team wrestling is their deadliest move against their opponent wrestler and they get him as a team in many instances. They sometime attack the referee in their blindness of power of fighting skills.
Enormous number of civilians who came to watch heavy weight contest of wrestling and boxing games are injured by these evil wrestlers. There is one blue super fighter who fight following all the rules and regulations of wrestling ring and abide by the terms and do not harm the civilians and that is your favorite wrestler! Tag wrestling is his specialty and no mercy is his rule when he is in the fighting ring. Boxing fight is the sports that he is perfect in and his boxing and wrestle fighting skills empowers him to be the perfect candidate of your selection and start building career as revolution wrestler under your commandments. Fight and battle in as many as battles to master the skills of pro wrestling and earn your fame and name in the circle of cage fighting and star wrestling tournament. Do not hesitate to trick rivals by the deadly moves of wrestling games or otherwise they will not give you a chance to even plan any of the taekwondo, karate, capoeira, kung fu and martial arts move in the ring. Beware that rival wrestlers can use blades, stairs, chairs or other deadly weapons to make you panic and injure you in karate fighting games.
Learning the ultimate boxing fight for like in boxing games to create a ragdoll effect and realistic physics on the rivals of the champions of ring boxing games. Choose your wrestler wisely and train him to your level so he can fight without any sauce of mercy and opens up a death battle right in the ring of wrestling card games. Use all the possible fighting combinations to join the Street fighting games and fight like a legend to show your power in the battle and climb up the wrestler ranking to be the best fighter of kung fu fighting games. Only emerging your skills and adapting to new ones is the only mode of survival in Ninja fighting games as many rivals are so adroit that they can learn your all the traditional and modern battle moves within few ring battles. Ding Ding Ding!!! It is call to your first Ring fighting games! Be brave and fight well in wrestling games.
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