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Get breaking news alerts and your daily digest of news from Singapore, Asia and around the world with the Channel NewsAsia (CNA) app.

You can also watch live video or catch up on Channel NewsAsia TV shows on the move.

Breaking news:
Get Real-time news coverage and developing news notifications by Channel NewsAsia’s award winning journalists.

Live streaming:
Watch Channel NewsAsia live stream and live reports while you are on the move.

On demand:
Never miss an episode or a special report with our on-demand library full of the best news and current affairs shows in Asia.

Asian Voices:
Get up to date with what the top Asian thought leaders and thinkers have to say.

Consume news the way you want to:
Get instant notifications on news that matters
Choose compact layout for fast reading and easily switch between what’s most popular and what’s latest.
Download content for offline reading
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