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Chili Charger is a connect the hexagon tiles style puzzle. Connect resources like water, light and fertilizer to Chuck's chilies and make them grow! Power water pumps and fertilizer dispensers before you can use them. Fight against a nasty chili haze that will limit your initial view of the garden.


Chuck is an insignificant freelance developer who dreams about creating games. But all his clients are annoying and all his game projects fail miserably. One day he finds a withered chili plant and slowly discovers his love for simpler things like growing chilies.

Help Chuck find his true calling and grow ultrahot chilies by untangling his garden.


Turn tiles by tapping on them. Tapping them in the left area makes them turn left, and right if you tap the right half.

Connect a source tile to a chili to make it grow. Some chilies need more than just water. Use multiconnect tiles to distribute the resources to them. Power the Chili Charger 9000 first to activate other tiles. But don't connect water to it or power to a chili! *BZZT*


• Puzzle your way to the promised land of pain!
• 144 levels of chili madness.
• Cat content!
• Various puzzle mechanics like multiconnect tiles, crossing resource tiles, the Chili Charger 9000 and Chili Haze.
• Challenge mode: solve the puzzle with the least possible moves.
• Relaxing soundtrack.


The first level pack is free to play. You can unlock all other level packs of the main story via a single In-App purchase. This will include packs #2 through #6, all 144 levels!

No ads!

If you have feedback, please post your review and rating here on the Play Store. You can also fill out a short feedback form. It helps me a lot with feedback about certain aspects of the game:
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