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Chimmer is a simple application you use to list your goals in life and your daily tasks. Everyone has goals and dreams that they would like to achieve one day, but unless you have listed them somewhere outside your mind, you don't really start taking action. Chimmer allows you to do just that: writing these small tasks and big goals you set to achieve and reviewing them regularly. It's a digital bucket list that you keep updating whenever you've achieved a goal or you want to accomplish a new one.

These goals on your bucket list, we call them "chims". Examples of chims can be "Travel to Peru", "Run the Marathon", or "Celebrate Dad's 70th birthday". Whatever they are, your chims have a place in Chimmer so you can set a desired start date or end date, and you can also mark your progress. You can also break them down into smaller tasks and check them whenever completed.

Once you start chimming, you can easily:
- Draw your list of goals and your lists of tasks
- Associate your goals to tasks
- Set start dates and end dates to your chims and task lists
- Attach pictures to your goals
- Team up with friends and family you want to achieve your goals with
- Mark your progress when a goal is completed or not
- Get notified when a goal has started or is about to end
- Filter your Chimline by category and by progress
- Explore other people's goals and get new ideas
- Search people who have goals similar to yours and contact them
- Swipe easily from your Chimline to your Taskline
And much more...

If you have a Facebook account, we've also made it easy to sign up with it.
With Chimmer, you design your own personal plan so you can always look forward to tomorrow.

Happy chimming!
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