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 Chord for Ukulele 7.4

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When you are just getting started with playing ukulele, this can be very much, especially if it is your first instrument ever. Hard chord diagrams, painful fingers, strumming, feeling rhythm, tablatures, etc. There are dozens of chords and hundreds of ways to play them.

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Major chords

It all starts with the seven major chords: A B C D E F G (= La Ti Do Re Mi Fa Sol). The most important ones in this list are A C D E F and G. So basically everything except the B. B chord is not used fortunately, because it is not easy to play either. Another chord that is not easy to play is the E chord, unfortunately this song is only used in quite a lot of songs. That is why I have written a special guide for this E chord. Help on how to play 'horrific' chords can be found in this app

Small Chords

After the major chord, we have minor chords. Minor chords are widely used and they can give the song a more intimate feel, while the major chord is more uptempo and happy. The most important thing to learn when you're just getting started is Am, Dm and Em. For your reference, I have listed all minor chords below.

Seventh chords

Some people may argue about this, but personally I think the 7th chord is also very important, and actually not too hard to play! They can add funky groovy feelings to the song and are widely used in jazz, soul, uptown songs. My favorite is F7 but I would recommend to learn everything (except maybe B7). It will also help you while improvising and changing everything to make the song sound more interesting.


In my opinion, this is a very basic chord that every ukulele player must have. You can choose some to start with and then expand. If you know all the chords listed on this page (with some exceptions), you can already play a very diverse track. Remember that you can always transpose songs to different buttons to make it a little easier!

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