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 Cider Tracker (Home Brew) 1.24

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Track your cider making process from primary fermentation to secondary and even tertiary to your brew review.

Are you tired of trying to remember, the SG, BRIX, or pH of each batch you make or just want to become mobile? Cider Tracker is the answer!

I designed the app to help me track my batches. I primarily make 1 gallon test batches but I make a lot of them! Trying to make that perfect recipe, I used various yeasts, sugars, spices, and fermentation times it was just too much to keep track of with pen and paper so I started building Cider Tracker.

Cider Tracker allows you to keep track what ingredients you used. You can also track your directions or steps you take to make your unique batch of cider.

Some of the key features include:
✔ Batch fermentation time readings at a glance.
✔ Assign unique batch lot numbers for easy reference using bar codes.
✔ Track individual ingredients, their lot numbers, and even add ingredient notes.
✔ Multiple fermentation (primary, secondary, etc.,) per batch
✔ Track the Directions/steps taken for each batch (recipe building).
✔ Export ALL batch information to PDF:
  ★ batch details
  ★ ingredients used
  ★ directions/steps
  ★ details of every fermentation (SG, FG, BRIX, pH, temp...)
  ★ fermentation sampling
  ★ bottling
  ★ batch review

NOTE: This app is nothing more than a digital notebook. It does not promote the use of alcohol by a person of any age. If anything it purveys organization, thought, and hopefully science.

- several permissions are needed for features like using your camera to scan bar codes, report generation (PDF), and backup/restore.

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Designed, compiled, and proud to say, Made in U.S.A.
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