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 City of the undead : Zombies Revolution 2018 1.2

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In a private bachelor party an unusual thing happen which was creation of zombie's. Different type and kind of drugs was supplied to all at different rates. Everyone was enjoy party when a new drug come into the market that drug was very costly and powerful which caught everyone's attraction but it was limited stocked everyone can’t have it. Those who took it first feel very attractive and enjoy it but within few minutes a incident happened and changed the whole situation that drug was so powerful that human body can’t control it and a bad side effect come up in shape of the creation of zombie's.

Zombie virus was so effective that within few sec's a normal human would transform into zombie. The zombie virus was spreading so quickly that within few hour's half of city was turn into dead zombie, Soon 80% of the city was turned into zombie and named "City of dead zombie revolution 2018". But two person's Jack and Kevin were still safe. Jack himself was a drug specialist he was the only one who have a wide span of knowledge about drug's and there side effects, the other one was Kevin a secret cop who was attending that party so he could arrest the drug king.

Jack and Kevin were fighting with those dead zombie's while fighting they met each other and found that if they work together they could end up all this and from here a mission was started "save the city from dead zombie attack”. Jack’s Knowledge and Kevin's experience and skills together can destroy each and every zombie and safely turn those human beings into a normal human by giving an anti-drug which reverse the effect if possible otherwise kill them to stay alive.

They somehow were able from escaping party and move towards army camp where they found tanks and weapons for self-defense but they found most of the tanks were damage and out of the fuel. If they choose the wrong one they gonna die or if they didn't pick in time they gonna die. They successfully picked up the right one with in time and where safe now up next is find a safe place which would be out of that city where they can go and plan how to tackle the whole situation and find out an appropriate solution to the issue.

Escape from City a tough job indeed because whole city was turned into dead. It seems that there is no chance of escaping from the city but jack and Kevin together made it possible. After escaping from city they were feeling safe but some zombie's found. As soon as zombie march toward them, they pack all luggage and ready weapon's which includes sniper, shotgun, grenades and machine guns to escape from the city.

After a long tough fight they together kill many dead zombie's but still there were more to come they clear a full area and load up there snipers they start hidden sniping and kill approximately 60% of dead zombie’s. Then lucky they found a helicopter in an army base. Kevin knows how to fly it and they get into it. Now they attack zombies from sky and clear the area more than 70%.

And how they safe the city and end up the dead zombie revolution 2018


- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animations
- Addicting gameplay (FPS)
- Easy and Intuitive controls
- Free game: play it both on your phone and tablet
- Rich weapon system: can be a variety sniper rifle, pistols, and sub machine guns
- Sniper scope view
- Advance and dynamic lighting effects
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