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Also known as clematis clematis is a plant with approximately 300 species of Ranunculaceae family.
Scientific name of the clematis species, from ancient Greek wine on the shoot axis and is derived from the words you said to clan up.
Clematis species have a very different structural features.

The clematis and perennials, woody vines of the jungle, sometimes herbaceous climber, sometimes shrubs and herbaceous plants rarely show the trend in non-upright growing shrub though hugging looking development.
According to the type of medium and high-growth can reach up to 2 to 6 meters. There are varieties with green leaves shed and always. Body sun loving, whether the root part shade. With shrubs and mulching or must protect the roots.

Also about the often long flower stalks; yellow, white, purple, pink blue, red from cream, natural colors as there are different sized green flowers.

Clematis with large flowers

The best varieties of this group are those obtained with the crossbreeding work among different species. This Clematis with average or quite voluminous, with leaf consisting of three leaflets, thanks to Sarinic leaf stalks are characterized by flexible fastening supports exile. Flowers, holding the place of the petals in vibrant colors, the sepals are 4-8 units. Sepals are usually floating elegantly.

Clematis flowering in spring

Clematis Clematis patens and these varieties which have been obtained from lanuginosa, they bloom heavily in May and June. Sometimes even during the summer, they can bloom slightly. Flowers begin to form from the previous fall; this should be so is nothing more than a simple cleaning pruning carried out in March. A new pruning is done after the first flowering shoots, and every third or half pruned. No pruning not even possible.

WRITE flowering clematis are

Clematis and Clematis x Jackmani these plants is derived from Viticella are more lush and from June to September, type they bloom. Included in this group of plants, flowers appear on the shoot for that year, made a deep pruning of March. Every exile deeply cut out to be 2 or 3 knuckles. New vegetation will develop during the spring. These varieties are located more in the special catalog:

Majestic, large flowering Clematis sensible size they show a development, many are located in the garden. If an appropriate holding cages are supported, elegant and warmly walls, pergolas and will decorate pergolas and arches. Colors to match with each other or if they have chosen the right to form a contrast, used in combination with themselves or the climbing roses. Planting is a process that requires little care. You need to dig a hole 50 cm deep. The bottom of this hole is then a good drainage. Pit, light lime or lime, is filled with garden soil and rotten lightweight soil or dry fertilizer mixtures. Grounded root part, a few centimeters of the body is placed in the hole to remain under the soil. This will allow you to create shallow roots. Then it made plenty of irrigation to soil compaction. Clematis, in order to protect the roots from the sun, planted in front of a low stature stolen. When it comes to passing a harsh winter, the plant root, the air must be protected by a sheet of cloth to be lifted gets better.

Small Flowering Clematis are

spring bloom is very intense. But compared to the other groups in the same loudness they are less beautiful plants.

If your garden, if you want to train your clematis in your home or living space and our clematis ideas, take a look at the application and comment section. Our clematis ideas in my application, you can find all kinds of clematis ideas. Download now and enjoy our clematis application.
- Our clematis pictures on your friends in a social media applications and content can share ideas with.
- Our clematis pictures of ideas in practice can set the wallpaper on your phone or tablet.
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