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"colocolomemo" is a tiny cloud memo pad for texts, images and checklists.
Quick thoughts, dayly records, important things, trivial things.
You can make a lot of text and images.

"colocolomemo for Android" works in conjunction with the "colocolomemo Web Service".
Your data is stored on the web storage.
Your memo data will be synchronized online in all environments and devices such as Android application, the web browser of PC and other mobile devices.
Therefore, you can access to all your memo anytime, anywhere.

In order to use, you need to create account of the "colocolomemo".
It is free.
Please feel free to try.


* Divide a memo into several sections
- Easy to treat the long memo to divide into several sections.
- Can sort the sections.
- Can send the content of the section to the clipboard.

* Write plain text
- Write simple, for there are no special notations.
- Display the number of characters in the memo.
- Open the URL in the content by the web browser.
- Can open URL starts with http: https: mailto: tel: sms: ...

* Insert the images
- Can insert the images picked from the gallery.
- Can also save the image data to the gallery.
- Several image sections in a memo.

* Make the checklists
- Shopping list, TODO list, etc.
- Several checklist sections in a memo.

* Tags
- Can manage memos with the tags.
- Show memos assigned with the specified tag quickly

* Stars
- The priority of the memo by 7 levels star (from -3 to 3).
- Show the memo which assigned with some star.

* Sort the memos in order by date or title or star
- Can sort the memos in order by date or title or star
- Reverse sort

* Editable date
- Write a diary of yesterday.
- Write the future plan.

* Search
- Full text search
- Search with date, tags and other attributes.
- For example, you can search the memos which has the title contains the word "Shinjuku" and has the date "Jan. 2013" and has some star and has the tag "noodle" or "curry" and has the text content contains the word "sweet" or "spicy" and has some pictures.

* Read sometimes casually
- By "Next / Prev" button, you can see the memos with feeling like turning the pages.

* Safety
- Stores all your data to the cloud service, so your data is backed up always.
- Passcode lock.

* Create smartlists from the search keywords
- The list to display the memos matches the search keywords.
- Seems like the list collects the memos automatically.

* Home screen shortcut to create new memo
- Display the screen to create new memo directly from home screen without launching app.
- Assign the tags to each shortcut.
- "The shortcut for writing diary", "The shortcut for writing other memos"

* Home screen shortcut to show memos and lists
- Display favorite and important memos and lists directly from home screen.

* Pass and receive text and images with other apps
- Use a usefull intent function of Android OS.
- Create a new memo by receiving text and images from other apps.
- Send text and images to other apps also.

- The internet connection required.
- Can upload 60MB per a month.
(Be careful on uploading some large pictures)

# keywords: memo note memopad notepad web cloud sync
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