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"Complete Guide For Plague Inc." is an unofficial guide for the game Plague Inc .This app provides Types of Plagues,Transmissions,Symptoms,Abilities,Unique Abilities,Genetic Code,Neurax Traits,Necroa Traits,Simian Traits,Achievements,Strategy Guide.It also includes cheats,tips,videos.

-->Types of Plagues:

It includes Neurax Worm,Necroa Virus,Simian Flu,Bacteria,Bio-Weapon,Black Death,Cheat Plagues,Frozen Virus,Fungus,Nano-Virus,Nipah Virus,Parasite,Prion,Smallpox,Swine Flu,Virus, etc.


->Tier 1 Transmissions: It includes Bird 1,Rodent 1,Livestock 1,Blood 1,Insect 1,Air 1,Water 1, etc.

->Tier 2 Transmissions: It includes Bird 2,Rodent 2,Livestock 2,Blood 2,Insect 2,Air 2,Water 2, etc.

->Tier 3 Transmissions: It includes Extreme Zoonosis,Extreme Hematophagy,Extreme Bioaerosol, etc.

->It also include Neurax Worm Transmissions,Zoonotic Shift Transmissions,Saliva Transmissions,Blood Transmissions,Segmented Genome Transmissions,Simian Flu Unique Transmissions, etc.


It includes Neurax Worm Symptoms,Necroa Virus Symptoms,Simian Flu Symptoms,Nausea,Coughing,Rash,Insomnia,Cysts,Anaemia,Vomiting,Pneumonia,Sneezing,Sweating,Paranoia,Hyper sensitivity,Abscesses,Haemophilia,Pulmonary Oedema,Fever , etc.


->Climate Abilities: It includes Cold Resistance 1,Cold Resistance 2,Heat Resistance 1,Heat Resistance 2,Environmental Hardening,etc.

->Medical Abilities: It includes Drug Resistance 1,Drug Resistance 2,Genetic Hardening 1,Genetic Hardening 2,Genetic ReShuffle 1,Genetic ReShuffle 2,Genetic ReShuffle 3,etc.

-->Unique Abilities:

It includes Bacterial Resilience 1,Bacterial Resilience 2,Bacterial Resilience 3,Viral Instability 1,Viral Instability 2,Viral Instability 3,Spore Burst,Spore Eruption,Spore Hardening,Symbiosis 1,Symbiosis 2,Symbiosis 3,Neural Atrophy 1,Neural Atrophy 2,Neural Atrophy 3,Radical Elements Stabilised,etc.

-->Genetic Code:

It includes Metabolic Hijack,Creationist,Genetic Mimic,Base Hydrolysis,Teracyte,Aerocyte,Aquacyte,Suppression,Xerophile,Hydrophile,Rurophile,Urbophile,Extremophile,Ionised Helix,Translesion +,Sympto-Stasis,Trans-Stasis,Patho-Stasis,Autolytic Reduction, etc.

-->Neurax Traits:

It includes Transmissions,Symptoms,Santa's Little Helper,Climate Abilities,Drug Resistance Abilities,Unique Abilities, etc.

-->Necroa Traits:

It includes Zoonotic Shift Transmissions,Saliva Transmissions,Blood Transmissions,Segmented Genome Transmissions,Symptoms,Abilities,Unique Abilities, Active Abilities, etc.

-->Simian Traits:

It includes Unique Transmissions,Symptoms,Non-Unique Abilities,Unique Abilities, etc.


It includes Plague Pro,Bottle Smasher,Contaminated Package,Evolve your disease,Insane Bolt Achievement,Olympic Spoiler,Peer Pressure Achievement,RMS Watch List,STALKERs delight,The End Plague,Touchscreen Trash, etc.

-->Strategy Guide:

It includes Complete Mirror Earth,Film Fanatic,Golden Age,Not Just a Pretty Face,Pirate Plague,Shut Down Everything,Volcanic Ash,Xenophobia,An Ape is for Life,Bacteria Strategy Guide,Banana Skin, etc.


-->Video:Normal,Mega brutal,Evolved.

—>Quick Search And Access.

Legal Disclaimer :

This is an unofficial guide for the game Plague Inc.This app is not affiliated with Plague Inc.This app acts as guide for players to have reference and better understand the game.The Plague Inc Name,Plague Inc Brand and Plague Inc Assets are all property of their respectful owner.
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