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Will build or renovate? Have you done an estimate of spending?

When it comes to construction costs of the work often surpass budgets. Inputs calculations for construction such as materials needed to make a wall, a floor, lay tile, etc., are not always accurate and errors in purchase of equipment generates waste and can raise the cost of a work.

Have you ever thought manage precisely the inputs of your work? Well this reality is already possible through the ConstruCalc!

You can more accurately estimate materials and their amounts to be used in your work, so you avoid waste, improves your budget and reduces the cost of the work.
This application helps you to calculate the materials needed for:

- Concrete (concrete count, volume of gravel, cement volume, sand volume, the volume of water)
- Wall (Number of bricks, number of blocks, the mortar volume, amount of sand)
- Floor Grosso (cement volume, sand volume)
- Full floor (concrete volume, number of floors, number of ceramics, sand volume, mortar volume)
- Tile (Quantity tile, grout volume, the mortar volume)
- Tablets (number of tablets, volume of grout, the mortar volume)
- Plaster (plaster Quantity)
- Painting (quantity or volume of ink volume sealer, amount of spackle)

The ConstruCalc is the solution you need for your work.

Thank your pocket!

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