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 Construction of a DRON RACING FPV. Zero to Hundred 1.0

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Sign up for our VIDEO Racing Drones Assembly Course and learn how to assemble and program your own "Racing" aircraft from scratch.

Also enjoy the first flight sensations, both in third person and first (FPV), under the tutelage and continued teaching of our instructors.

But we are forced to make a serious, very serious warning: if you start flying racing drones ... YOU CAN NOT STOP! So the decision is in your hand.

COURSE - Advanced to Advanced Workshop to Career Drones. In this COURSE you will assemble the basic KIT Drone of Pure Fiber races, and we will learn to configure, calibrate and fly it in a safe place with a radio control station. Build your first racing Drone based on technology and open source, without limits of customization, and scalable when you want to perfect it, improve its features and add the advanced FPV Pure Fiber KIT.

The Pure Fiber racing Drone is a multirotor in carbon fiber of 4 helices (quadcoptero), easy to build, calibrate and operate, controlled from your radio control station, and possibility to calibrate and configure it via a Smartphone.

Content of the COURSE IN VIDEOS:
- Brushless brushless motor winding how to do it
- Repair the antenna of your Drone receiver
- Repair of lipo battery from 4S to 3S
- How to configure Librepilot on your CC3D card
- Configure Betaflight or Cleanflight for beginners step by step
- How to make Inflatable Gates for Easy Drones
- How to choose Propellers for our FPV Drone
- PDB power distribution cards
- Radio controls all about them
- Repair the antenna of your Drone FPV receiver
- RC receivers. Receivers for drones, airplanes and everything to radio control
- Brushless or brushless RC motors for beginners
- Batteries for RC components Types of use and administration
- Convert your FlySky FS i6 from 6 to 10 channels
- Schedule ESC BLHeli using Arduino
- Basic FPV systems guide
- Flight controllers
- How to choose Charger for batteries or Lipos
- How to remove the propwash in Betaflight Spanish Configuration Filters
- How to make the modification Switch or ON-OFF button for Fatshark
- How to improve our FPV Video signal
- How to update the FrSky Taranis to Open TX 2.2.0 LUA Scripts
- How to update Furious FPV True-D V3 to version 3.6
- How to connect and configure any Flight Controller - Betaflight
- How to configure HD camera for FPV video
- How to configure the Angle, Horizon and Acro Flight Modes in Betaflight
- How to choose batteries or LIPO's for our Drone
- How to install Betaflight and Activate Dynamic Filter
- How to install LUA Scripts to adjust PID and Rates from the Taranis - OpenTX 2.2.0
- How to install and configure the TBS Crossfire Micro in the Taranis X9D
- How to Install and Configure Variators or ESC in BL Heli Suite - Dshot Configuration
- Betaflight configuration
- Eachine Wizard X220 Betaflight Modifications and Configuration
- What's in my backpack when I'm going to fly FPV Drones
- Assembly of Betaflight Controller F3
- How to drive an FPV racing Drone in a forest
- Configure betaflight or cleanflight for beginners step by step
- How to assemble an FPV Drone - First part - Components
- How to mount an FPV Drone - Second part - Assembly
- How to mount an FPV Drone - Part Three - Initial Betaflight Configuration
- Ride your Drone racing from scratch step by step. How to build an FPV Drone
- How to build a Drone NANO BRUSHLESS

The objective of the course is to teach all the necessary process to get to handle a FPV racing drone. This includes from the previous theoretical steps to the final steps of flight practices.

In this course the drones will be approached from a leisure point of view, but evidently this will open the doors to more transversal contents, since all the components of a drone will be seen.
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