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Stingy animals that can be used to make delicious food, whether it is boiled vegetables, curry in all out to get it is not easy. We need to get out of the app and continue to make the effort to make it easy. Just load this app and turn on the loud sound in this app. Take it or muck well. I certify that the course of the course.

Homeopathy or seduction (Scientific name: Kaloula pulchra), commonly referred to as schizophrenia, is a species of amphibian. In a ragged family (Microhylidae)

The body is fat, round, no neck, no mouth and no sharp pointed. Legs and arms are relatively short Have the same length Fingers and toes Flat end And cut straight ahead. Smooth skin with tiny buttons scattered around the back and a lot in the back legs. Under the feet are two long hard plates used for digging the soil. The body behind the color is dark brown. Or brown sugar The stripes are light brown stripes. From the eye to the base of the legs. At the top end, each bar is also connected between the balls. Both eyes Bottom end of some stripes are broken into a damp but still in the same color under the dark. Especially under the chin, almost black color, the other is a lattice color, dark purple, not clear. Except for some very large ones.

The length of the mouth to the bottom of about 58-70 mm long standing about 10 years.

The species is quite widespread. From India, Sri Lanka, Southern China, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand to the Malay Peninsula.
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