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 CountTHAT Lite 1.8

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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


CountTHAT Lite is a free basic barcode counting app that runs on iPhone or iPod Touch and works using a Grabba S or Q Series barcode scanner attachment from
The app allows the user to scan a barcode using the Grabba barcode scanner and then enter a quantity using the iPod or iPhone onscreen keypad.
Once all barcodes have been scanned, the user can then email the count as a CSV file direct from the device using the default mail account eg GMAIL or copy the CSV file off using iTunes when the count is finished.
This a great simple app for basic stocktaking or other barcode recording requirements eg Serial or Asset numbers for individuals and businesses and comes free with a Grabba scanner for an iPhone or iPod Touch.
This is a good alternative to using a dedicated data collector or PDE by using the familiar iOS interface to improve the accuracy and efficiency of any barcode counting processes.
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