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Craft Royal 3D Shooter is an action packed first person shooter game in a compact mobile app you can take anywhere and everywhere. Get your fix on the go!

When a wizard is killed, he casts a death curse on his killer. The power of this curse scales in proportion to the power of the wizard. You just killed one of the most powerful wizards in the world. The magnitude of the curse expounded into an all encompassing veil of death over the entirety of the kingdom. With the curse loosed from its caster, it has no home until it consumes its victim, or in this case victims, but like any curse, there is a means of overcoming the curse, but it will take a crusade that requires the annihilation of all magic throughout all the realm.

Ready to collect daily rewards? Watch cool video ads in exchange for power-ups? Earn powerful permanent weapons? Challenge yourself to the extreme with game timers? If this FPS experience is your action packed adventure! Launch the app and view a video clip and earn a cool power-up which is yours to keep until you die. From the map level select screen, you will begin unlocking levels. While your first map involves a game timer and the end reward of a permanent weapon, each subsequent level boasts increased enemies with higher damage and higher health, so you'll need any advantage you can get. Navigate each 3D pixel map, collect blocky weapons and perks and kill, kill, kill. If you run out of ammo or health at any point during the game, stop to view more video clips to earn the perks you need to keep on fighting. Happy hunting!

Game Features:
-Game timers
-Daily Rewards
-Blocky weapon pickup
-Loading screen game tips
-Enemy variety
-FPS pixel graphics
-Hand-to-hand combat
-Precision aiming
-Entity map

Game Levels:
- Castle
- Cave Site
- Building Hall
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