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 CryptoCurr PoloBOT Lender 1.3.4

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50% discount for the first 100 downloads.

Welcome to CryptoCurr PoloBOT Lender!

This app is a BOT service that will automatically take care of your Lendings in Exchange.

Giving you the best rates to start lending as soon as possible! With each update the BOT's 🤖 AI will increase to best improve lending performance... Maybe some visual updates as well... But the most important thing is that this robot 🤖 gets sh*t done! 😀 🤑

In PoloBOT Configurations you can customize your 🤖 for your preference.

Features so far:
- Completely automate your lendings with best rates at run time.
- Check all your Active loans, current loan offers and your loan offers as well.
- Customizable run frequency.
- Edit the date to show lending history earnings.
- Set minimum rate acceptable to loan
- Configurable Coin ignore list
- Creation of multiple Rules for extending loan duration at given loan rate.
- Creation of multiple Rules to schedule a date to start ignoring a customizable Coin list. (to stop lending)
- Creation of multiple Rules to ignore given amount for each Coin.
- Creation of multiple Rules to make manual offers at desired rate.
- Transfer balance between accounts in Poloniex. (Lending, Margin and Exchange)

- Make sure you create a new API access in Poloniex just for this BOT with trading permissions only!
- Entering the credentials of your Key in the app, make sure that there are no spaces and the Key / Secret matches exactly as shown in Poloniex.
- Transfer the amount you desire to lend to your lending account in Poloniex.
- Start the BOT.
- Happy Earnings!


The bot searches for available funds in period set in Check Available for lending frequency option.
Once any coin is available, it will start the lending process. It checks current orders list for "walls" (biggest resistance) and divides the available funds by the Maximum Number of Orders (customizable), then places tose orders right before those walls.
It will then sleep for the amount of time set in Execute Loan Open Orders frequency option. Once awaken, it will cancel all unclaimed loans and restarts the lending process.
It will continue this cycle until all your coins are actively lending, thus ending the cycle Currently Lending.
You can customize your Bot further adding multiple Rules.

I recommend you start the bot and check it placing orders in your computer browser in real time, so you can see it's decision makings :)


This app will only work if you create a API Access in the website and enter the credentials (Key/Secert) in the app.
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