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Crystals are not only beautiful but are very special.

They are alive and transmit energy and frequencies in gentle waves. No matter what is going on in your life, there is help on the way! This app is very easy to use and will guide a crystal into your life that will help restore balance and harmony into all areas of your busy challenged life.

The Crystal Selector will help you:

-Attract and maintain a loving relationship in your life
-Find out which crystal is connected to your star sign
-Guide you to make a clear and focused decision
-Invite abundance into all areas of your life
-Find out which crystals heals your Chakras (body energy points)
-Promote health and wellbeing
-Reduce stress and anxiety
-Help with concentration and study
-Reduce negativity from your surroundings
-Protect and ground you
-Program crystals
-Care for your crystals
-Meditate with your crystals
-Cleanse your crystals
-Learn about different crystals and their meanings

There are 4 ways of working this app.

The First

is to just read through these chosen keywords and select one that resonates with you at this given moment. It is best to choose what jumps out at you, as your first thought is always the best thought. If you find that a few words jump out, take a deep breath and focus again on choosing only one keyword. You can select another other keyword after you have dealt with the issue or concern at hand.

The Second

option is to allow the Crystal Selector do all the work for you.

Alternatively you can ask “What crystal do I require at this moment in time for my highest good and harm to none?”

Then allow the Crystal Selector to choose the perfect crystal for you.

The Third

option is to simply select your Star sign and see what crystals are aligned with you astrologically.

The Fourth

option is to choose from the Chakra diagram which area of your body you wish to heal and promote happiness and clearing from.

All crystals

chosen have different healing properties. They can work and support you in all areas of life including career, studies, relationships, health, abundance, love, spirituality, personal growth and creativity.

No medical claims are made for the crystals used in this app and the information given is not intended to act as a substitute for medical treatment or advice. If in any doubt about the use of crystals, please contact a qualified crystal healer or crystal practitioner (click through to the developer’s page for information on practitioners).

If you have any serious or prolonged illness, please consult your medical practitioner.
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